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Anthrax Update

Audio will be available later today.

NPR's David Kestenbaum reports on the similarities between investigators' efforts in the search for the person who mailed anthrax-tainted letters last fall and the Unabomber. Two central questions are who would want to perpetrate the crime and why. (8:30) (Please note the following correction to this story aired on Morning Edition on Jan. 30, 2002: "And a story last week about the ongoing anthrax investigation mentioned the Traditional Values Coalition. Reporter David Kestenbaum contacted that group to ask if it had been contacted by the FBI. The TVC said it had not, since there is no evidence that it was or should be investigated. The TVC said it was inappropriate for it to be named on the air. The NPR editors agree."). Additionally, another correction aired on Morning Edition on Feb. 6, 2003: "In a story broadcast on Morning Edition on Jan. 22, 2002, National Public Radio said it had called the Traditional Values Coalition to ask if that group had been contacted by the FBI, investigating the mailing of anthrax to Senate offices. This report violated NPR editorial principles. No one had told our reporter that the Traditional Values Coalition was a suspect in the anthrax mailing. No facts were available then or since then to suggest that the group had any role in the anthrax mailing. NPR deeply regrets this mistake and apologizes for any false impression that the coalition was involved in this investigation."



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