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Lauren Slater
*Author of several books including the forthcoming Great Psychological Experiments of the 20th Century (Norton)
*Author of the New York Times Magazine article called The Trouble with Self-Esteem (February 3, 2002)

Roy Baumeister
*Professor of Psychology, Case Western Reserve University

Nathaniel Branden
*Psychologist (known as the father of the Self-Esteem Movement)
*Author, Six Pillars of Self-Esteem (Bantam, 1995)

David Reynolds
*Psychological Anthropologist
*Founder, Constructive Living (What makes you think you have to feel good about yourself to get anything done?)
*Author, Handbook for Constructed Living (University of Hawaii Press)

Tom King
*Sportswriter, Nashua Telegraph, Nashua, New Hampshire

There are hundreds of books on self-esteem. There are self-esteem programs in schools and at rehabilitation centers, and there are self-esteem seminars. In America, the emphasis is on the self and how we value it. But a small group of researchers says higher self-esteem isn't necessarily better. In fact, they think it may be a problem. Is self-esteem overrated? Join host Neal Conan and guests for the discussion.