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Only Available in Archive Formats.

Senator Frank Murkowski
*Republican Senator from Washington
*Ranking Member of the Energy & Natural Resources Committee

John Podesta
*Senior Fellow, Natural Resources Defense Council

Charlene Coon
*Senior Policy Analysts for Energy and Environment, The Heritage Foundation

Amory Lovins
*Chairman, Hypercar Inc. in Basalt, Colorado

John Ydstie
*NPR Business Correspondent

Baron Wormser
*Poet, Librarian, Teacher (reading poem called The Oil Man)

The combined effect of Sept. 11 and the Enron debacle has raised concerns about U.S. energy policy. President Bush wants to cut U.S. dependence on foreign oil with a combination of new technology and increased production at home. But, others argue that conservation and finding alternative energy sources are the answer. What's the best way to meet America's energy needs?