Particle Physics / Sports Psychology

Maria Spiropulu
* Fermi Fellow, Experimental High Energy Physics
* Enrico Fermi Institute
* University of Chicago
* Chicago, Illinois

Dan Gould
* Director, Sport and Exercise Psychology Lab
* Bank of America Excellence Professor, Department of Exercise and Sport Science
* University of North Carolina at Greensboro
* Greensboro, North Carolina

Sian Beilock
* Doctoral Candidate, Kinesiology and Psychology
* Michigan State University
* East Lansing, Michigan

One week after the Super Bowl, the sports world is gearing up for another major event: the opening of the winter Olympic Games in Salt Lake City. Attending the games, along with the fans, athletes, coaches, and physical trainers, will be a crew of psychologists trying to tweak their patients' mental performance. In this hour, we'll take a look at the role psychology plays in athletic performance. Is winning mostly mental? And why do people 'choke' under pressure? Plus, we'll hear about recent research in the world of particle physics, and the search for the gluino. The big news? Scientists at Fermilab haven't found it yet. We'll talk about why that's important with one of the scientists leading the hunt.



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