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Sentencing Reforms

Only Available in Archive Formats.
Sentencing Reforms

Sentencing Reforms

Sentencing Reforms

Only Available in Archive Formats.

Vincent Schiraldi
*President, The Justice Policy Institute, Washington, DC
*Co-author of the study Cutting Correctly: New Prison Policies for Times of Fiscal Crisis

Stephen Mallory
*Former Deputy Director, Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics
*Chairman of the Criminal Justice Department, University of Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg, MS

Joe Lehman
*Secretary, Department of Corrections, Washington State

State Representative Mike Fasano
*Republican State Representative from Florida
*Chair, House Council for Healthy Communities (oversees health care and public safety)

State Senator Donald Cravins
*Democratic State Senator from Louisiana

Noel Paul Stookey
*Member of the singing group Peter, Paul and Mary

A number of states are rethinking their "get-tough" on crime policies. A new study says smaller state budgets and changing public attitudes are part of the reason for the change. But, critics say crime is down because of tough laws. Changing incarceration policies.