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Only Available in Archive Formats.

C. Fred Alford
*Professor of Government and Politics, University of Maryland
*Author Whistleblowers: Broken Lives and Organizational Power (Cornell University Press, 2001)

Tom Devine
*Legal Director, The Government Accountability Project (whistle-blowers support organization)
*Author, Whistleblowers Survival Guide: Courage without Martyrdom (Fund for Constitutional Government, 1997)

Edward Stamper
*President, The Network, Inc. (employee feedback company)

Michael Selmi
*Professor of Law, George Washington University Law School (teaches employment and civil rights law)

Tom Goldman
*NPR Reporter covering the 2002 Winter Olympics (talking about pairs skating controversy)

The Enron bankruptcy has raised the specter of whistler blowers in big corporations. Watchdogs and whistleblowers is the topic with guest host Melinda Penkava on Talk of the Nation from NPR News.