Start of the Baseball Season

Paul White
*Sportswriter, USA Today

Bob Ryan
*Sportswriter, Boston Globe

Will Lingo
*Managing Editor, Baseball America

T.J. Simers
*Sports columnist, Los Angeles Times

Jim Morris
*Former LA Dodgers pitcher
*Co-author of The Rookie: The Incredible True Story of a Man Who Never Gave Up on His Dream
*Subject of the movie The Rookie

A new season of baseball starts next week. After last year's exciting world series between the heroic Yankees and the underdog Diamondbacks, what kind of excitement can we look forward to this year? There's still talk of a strike, and contraction, and all those player scandals just waiting to happening. I'm Neal Conan. We'll have sports reporters from around the country tell us what, and who, they're watching for. Join us for Talk of the Nation, from NPR News.



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