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What To Wear On Halloween?

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What To Wear On Halloween?

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What To Wear On Halloween?

What To Wear On Halloween?

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When it comes to Halloween, looks are everything. For those who haven't yet found a costume, there are the old standbys: Batman and Darth Vader. There are also newcomers such as disgraced financier Bernie Madoff. Jason Sandlofer, director of operations for Ricky's NYC, a New York City-based costume retailer, previews this year's hottest — and oddest — Halloween trends.


Of course, when it comes to Halloween, looks are everything. And if you haven't found that perfect costume yet, don't worry, there's still a little time. There are, of course, the old standbys: Batman or Darth Vader. Then there are the newcomers, including disgraced moneyman Bernie Madoff. Jason Sandlofer is director of operations for the New York chain Ricky's, which sells a lot of costumes this time of year, and he joins us from one of the temporary Halloween stores that they've set up for the month of October.

Jason, welcome to the program.

Mr. JASON SANDLOFER (Director of Operations, Ricky's): Thanks for having us.

BLOCK: And you have a Bernie Madoff costume for sale, I think, right?

Mr. SANDLOFER: We actually developed our own. It's called Whack the Ponzi.

BLOCK: Whack the Ponzi.

Mr. SANDLOFER: Whack the Ponzi because, as you know, a lot of people want to do just that. So it includes a Bernie Madoff mask, a jailbird orange jumpsuit with a bulls eye on the back, and an inflatable hammer, so people can start whacking away.

BLOCK: Oh, so you're going to take some hits if you're wearing this costume. That's the whole idea.

(Soundbite of laughter)

Mr. SANDLOFER: Be prepared, yes.

BLOCK: The hammer, you said it's inflatable?

Mr. SANDLOFER: It's inflatable, so there won't be too much long-term damage.

BLOCK: So it's a good costume for a masochist, though.

(Soundbite of laughter)

Mr. SANDLOFER: Yeah, I suppose.

BLOCK: Well, what else, what else have you got? Out here, you know I'm in California, Michael Jackson, I think, is going to be really big out here.

Mr. SANDLOFER: Yes. You know, we have Michael Jackson tribute costumes. What I think, you know, I wish we would have had more of, and unfortunately we couldn't get it, but Michael Jackson for kids. That's been in huge demand. You know, so maybe next year. But Michael Jackson regular costumes are doing phenomenal. You know, we have a few different styles, "Beat It," "Billie Jean," "Thriller," you know all the staples. We have a few different style wigs. We have the white gloves, you know, all the accessories to boot.

BLOCK: I'm wondering, is Barack Obama just too 2008, do you think?

Mr. SANDLOFER: You know, it definitely was bigger in '08, you know, the whole election, you know, was a boost for our business last year. So we had the Obama, we had McCain. Sarah Palin was probably the best. This year, we're doing different things. We have the Octomom costume, which is great.

BLOCK: Oh, well, what's that costume?

Mr. SANDLOFER: It's two harnesses that hold eight little mini-babies, and it's very funny.

BLOCK: Oh my.

Mr. SANDLOFER: Yeah. We also have our Wheaties stoned-swimmer costume, which is the infamous swimmer. It includes a swim cap, goggles, some big ears and a for-novelty-use-only bong.

BLOCK: You're referring to Michael Phelps here, I take it.

Mr. SANDLOFER: Perhaps.

BLOCK: I see. You don't want to get in trouble there.

(Soundbite of laughter)

Mr. SANDLOFER: He has eight gold medals. I don't know if that gives it away.

BLOCK: Eight gold medals. Yeah, that's kind of a hint. I don't think we're talking Mark Spitz.

BLOCK: What about for kids, Jason? What seems to be the most popular costume for kids this year?

Mr. SANDLOFER: Well, listen, the kids always have their staples. You know, it's very hard to predict kids. There was no - like, for example, there was no big Spiderman movie this year, but for whatever reason, Spiderman was huge for kids this year. You're always going to have that. You're always going to have your little astronauts. You're going to have your superheroes. All that is usually pretty staple.

BLOCK: Do you have your costume picked out, Jason?

Mr. SANDLOFER: Yeah, I'm going to be wearing the pajamas and the sleeping cap because I'm exhausted. I'll be the guy sleeping in the corner.

(Soundbite of laughter)

BLOCK: I see. That's a great costume, really clever.

(Soundbite of laughter)


BLOCK: Well, Jason, have a great Halloween, and thanks for talking to us.

Mr. SANDLOFER: All right, take care. Thanks again.

BLOCK: Jason Sandlofer is director of operations for Ricky's NYC. He spoke with us from one of their Halloween stores.

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