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Humans and Their Machines

Only Available in Archive Formats.
Humans and Their Machines

Humans and Their Machines

Humans and Their Machines

Only Available in Archive Formats.


Rodney Brooks
* Chairman and CTO, iRobot Corp.
* Fujitsu Professor of Computer Science
* Director, MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
* Massachusetts Institute of Technology
* Cambridge, Massachusetts

Anne Foerst, ThD (Doctor of Theology)
* Professor, Theology and Computer Science
* Director, NEXUS—The Religion & Science Dialogue Project
* St. Bonaventure University
* Olean, New York

Richard Powers
* Author, Galatea 2.2, The Gold Bug Variations, Plowing the Dark, and others
* Swanlund Chair in English
* University of Illinois
* Champaign-Urbana, Illinois

Researchers at the MIT Artificial Intelligence Lab are working to create robots as intelligent and sociable as humans. At the same time, medical advances are making humans more robot-like, with mechanical hearts and working artificial limbs. In this hour, we'll talk with the participants of the First Utah Symposium in Science and Literature about the relationship between humans and their machines—and just what it means to be human.



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