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Terror Risk Assessment

Only Available in Archive Formats.
Terror Risk Assessment

Terror Risk Assessment

Terror Risk Assessment

Only Available in Archive Formats.


Sen. Robert Torricelli
*Democratic Senator from New Jersey

Sen. Mitch Mcconnell
*Republican Senator from Kentucky

Robert Dallek
*Professor of History, Boston University
*Author of several books including, Hail to the Chief: The Making and Unmaking of an American President (Oxford Univ. Press, 2001) and Franklin D. Roosevelt & American Foreign Policy 1932-1945 (Oxford, 1995)
*Author of a forthcoming biography of President John F. Kennedy

Greg Treverton
*Senior Policy Analyst, RAND
*Former, Vice Chair, National Intelligence Council, (overseeing the writing of America's National Intelligence Estimates)

Baruch Fischhoff
*Professor of Social and Decision Sciences, Carnegie Mellon University

Should a new commission conduct a broader investigation into the Bush administration's handling of information related to terrorist threats? The Administration and some members of Congress say no. But others aren't so sure.

Terrorist threats, investigations and the risks to you. Join guest host Melinda Penkava and guests for Talk of the Nation from NPR News.



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