Director's Cuts: World Music

For his feature Director's Cuts, NPR's Ned Wharton looks at two CDs that highlight the role of producer as auteur: a tribute to the late Serbian-born Suba, who produced Bebel Gilberto's Tanto Tempo; and a disc called Assembly — a collaboration between guitarist/producer Michael Brook and Tanzanian musician Hukwe Zawose. On Weekend Edition Sunday.

Michael Brook

Michael Brook

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Canadian guitarist/producer Michael Brook has a long history of striking production work with musicians from around the globe. His latest, called Assembly is a collaboration with Tanzanian composer/vocalist/instrument builder Hukwe Zawose. The CD is on Peter Gabriel's RealWorld label.

Listen: "Tantontos Desejos"

Listen: "Are You Sleeping?"

Listen: "Nightly Sins"

Listen: "Alquem"



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Artists pay tribute to composer/producer Suba on this disc from Ziriguiboom/Six Degrees Records . Suba was born in Serbia, but relocated to Sao Paulo in the 1980s. His magic touch in the studio brought the bossa nova into the new millennium with Bebel Gilberto's critically acclaimed Tanto Tempo. In 1999, Suba died tragically in a studio fire at the age of 37. The new disc features new tracks, remixes, live recordings and "posthumous collaborations".

Listen: "Bed Bugs Bite"

Listen: "Cry of the Bush Bird"

Listen: "Pumpkin Life"



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