The Birmingham Trial & Race Relations in America


Laurie Johnson
* Executive Director, Live the Dream Campaign for City of Birmingham

Horace Huntley
* Director, Oral History Project, The Civil Rights Institute, Birmingham, AL

Mark Potok
* Editor, Southern Poverty Law Center Intelligence Report, Mongtomery, Alabama

David Garrow
* Presidential Distinguished Professor, Emory University Law School, Atlanta, GA
* Author of the Pulitzer Prize winning, Bearing the Cross: Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (Quill, 1986)

Sonia Jarvis
* Research Professor of Communication, George Washington University, Washington, DC

Frank Cherry, a former Klansman, is on trial in Birmingham, Alabama. He's accused of bombing a church and killing four African American girls 38 years ago. The trial is just one example of recent attempts to bring justice to victims of hate crimes committed at the height of the civil rights era. The Birmingham trial and its impact on race relations in America.



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