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World Cup Soccer

Only Available in Archive Formats.
World Cup Soccer

World Cup Soccer

World Cup Soccer

Only Available in Archive Formats.


Seamus Malin
* Lead announcer for World Cup in 1994 and 1998
* Soccer/color analyst for ESPN
* Covered the World Cup in some capacity since 1974

Brandi Chastian
* Captain of the San Jose CyberRays, defending league Champions WUSA
* Defender for the Naitonal Women's Soccer Team

Tim Parks
* Author of A Season With Verona
* Author of 10 novels and 4 other books of nonfiction

Elliott Vanskike
* Former senior of (an online sports magazine)

The World Cup Soccer tournament begins in Japan and South Korea this weekend. Although Americans may not seem to care, this is the biggest sporting event in the rest of the world. Europeans, Asians, Africans, the Middle East — everyone loves to play and watch and cheer. Why? What's behind the nearly religious love of soccer? And why can't Americans join in the enthusiasm? So many American kids play the game but do they grow up to be fans? Soccer, it's what truly separates America from the rest of the world and it's the topic of this hour's Talk of the Nation.