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Jeremy Mcdermott
* Correspondent for the BBC, the Daily Telegraph of London, and Jane's Intelligence Review
* Lives in Medellin, covered this election for all three news outlets

Miguel Ceballos
* Director of the Colombia Program at Georgetown University School of Foreign Service
* Colombian citizen (says Uribe is the first candidate he's voted for in over 10 years)
* Travels once a month to Colombia, his program has local office in Cali, works with local mayors, city councils and NGOs to help build and strengthen local government

Jason Hagen
* Colombia analyst in the Washington Office on Latin America, a research and advocacy organization (liberal human rights group)
* Lived in Colombia for 3 1/2 years; was Fulbright scholar and visiting professor

Congressman Cass Ballenger (R-N.C.)
* Member of the International Relations Committee, and Chair of the sub-committee on the Western Hemisphere

Congressman Jim Mcgovern (D-Mass.)
* Attached an amendment to last week's House Supplemental Appropriations Bill to stop expansion of U.S. role beyond the drug war

Colombia's new president Alvaro Uribe won a landslide victory based on a law-and-order platform. He also appealed for more aid from the US to fight cocaine and heroin trafficking. What does his election mean for Colombia? And what does it mean for the U.S.? Join guest host Melinda Penkava for Talk of the Nation from NPR News.