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Garrett Oliver
* Brewmaster, The Brooklyn Brewery, Brooklyn, NY
* Author of the forthcoming book, The Brewmaster's Table (Harpercollins, 2003) and The Good Beer Book: Brewing and Drinking Quality Ales and Lagers (Berkley Publishing, 1997)

Daniel Shelton
* Founder of Shelton Brothers (imports expensive beers)

Max Rudin
* Author of a recent cover story, Democracy's Drink: What Beer Tells Us About America (American Heritage, July, 2002)
* Publisher, The Library of America

Steven Raichlen
* Author of 23 cookbooks including Beer-Can Chicken: And 74 Other Offbeat Recipes for the Grill (Workman, 2002) and How to Grill: The Complete Illustrated Book of Barbecue Techniques (Workman, 2001)

Summer is here....the air is warm, weekends are lazy and in America, the beer is good and plentiful. What's your favorite summer brew? Are you a fan of the mega beer or the micro-brew? Does the beer you drink say something about you? Does America's love of beer say something about the nation? The social history and current popularity of beer.

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