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Only Available in Archive Formats.


Katherine Dunn
* Author, Geek Love (Vintage, 2002)
* Boxing reporter for 20 years

Richard Hoffer
* Senior Writer, Sports Illustrated

Leon Gast
* Filmmaker, When We Were Kings (released 1996)
* Tyson Documentary Mike Tyson: Fallen Champ co-producer, editor, technical advisor (1994) on NBC's movie of the week

Bruce Silverglade
* Owner, Gleason's Gym, Brooklyn, New York

Rob Gallas
* Senior Vice President of Marketing and Broadcasting, Chicago White Sox

This weekend in Memphis, Mike Tyson battles Lennox Lewis for boxing's heavyweight championship. Unscheduled brawls have been as much a part of the story as the fight itself. Plus, why some fans are coming to Comisky Park with their sleeping bags. Join Neal Conan and guests for a discussion about boxing.