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Afghanistan Revisited

Only Available in Archive Formats.
Afghanistan Revisited

Afghanistan Revisited

Afghanistan Revisited

Only Available in Archive Formats.


Babak Dehghanpisheh
* Correspondent, Newsweek in Afghanistan

Barnett Rubin
* Director of Studies at the Center on International Cooperation, New York University
* Author of several books about Afghanistan most recently, The Fragmentation of Afghanistan: State Formation and Collapse in the International System (Yale, 2002)

Peter Bergen
* Author, Holy War, Inc. : Inside the Secret World of Osama bin Laden (Free Press, 2001)

Zeiba Sharish Shamley
* Founder and Executive Director, Women's Alliance for Peace and Human Rights in Afghanistan

Andrew Beyer
* Horse Racing Columnist, The Washington Post
* Author of several books including Beyer on Speed: New Strategies for Racetrack Betting (Mariner Books, 1995)

This week, the Loya Jirga or grand counsel will meet in Afghanistan and there's much to do. There are ethnic conflicts to resolve, leaders to select and a nation to rebuild. Join Neal Conan on Talk of the Nation for a discussion about Loya Jirga and the future of Afghanistan.