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Only Available in Archive Formats.


Senator Joseph Lieberman
* Democratic Senator from Connecticut

Ann Laurent
* Deputy Editor, Government Executive magazine

Paul Light
* Vice President and Director, Governmental Studies, Brookings Institution
* Author, Thickening Government (Brookings 1999)

Ed Deseve
* Professor at the School of Public Affairs, University of Maryland, College Park, MD
* Director, Management, Finance and Leadership Program at University of Maryland

David Stark
* Professor of Sociology and International Affairs, Columbia University, New York, NY
* Director, Center on Organizational Innovation, Columbia University, New York, NY

Red tape, rubber stamps and uncivil civil servants. Theres no shortage of ways to condemn bureaucracy. President Bush hopes to create yet another giant governmental agency. It will be a bureaucracy, but is that necessarily a bad thing? Join Neal Conan for a look at the history and purpose of bureaucracy.

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