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Bad Bosses

Only Available in Archive Formats.
Bad Bosses

Bad Bosses

Bad Bosses

Only Available in Archive Formats.


David Molpus
* NPR Correspondent in Chapel Hill, N.C.

Bob Rosner
* Syndicated Columnist, Working Wounded (runs in 40 newspapers)
* Author of several books including, The Boss's Survival Guide (McGraw-Hill, 2001) and Working Wounded Advice That Adds Insight to Injury (Warner, 2000)
* Creator of the web site

Cheryl Thompson
* Author, Fire Your Boss (Clarion Marketing Group, 2001)
* President, Clarion Marketing Group (marketing and advertising group)

Seamus Malin
* Color Commentary Soccer Guy for ESPN/ABC
* Comments on World Cup tournament where the U.S. will meet Germany in the quarterfinals.

Have you ever taken direction from someone you felt to be incompetent, unreliable, or just plain difficult to be around? If you answered yes, then you understand how hard it is to work for someone who is a rotten manager. But, there are strategies for dealing with and even remaking your boss. Join Neal Conan in this hour of Talk of the Nation for a look at surviving the bad boss.