Social History of Ice Cream


Megan Williams
* Production Assistant, NPR's Talk of the Nation

Merry White
* Professor of Culinary Anthropology, Boston University

Anne Cooper Funderburg
* Author, Chocolate, Strawberry and Vanilla: A History of American Ice Cream (Popular Press, 1996)

Linda Green
* Director of Foods, Consumer Reports

Nora Pouillon
* Chef and Owner, Restaurant Nora and Asia Nora, Washington, DC (America's first certified Organic restaurant)

When it comes to ice cream, the choices are endless. From rocky road to pink bubblegum, from fat-free to sugar free, you can have it on a cone or in a cup, for breakfast or dessert, by the pint or the gallon, you can drown your sorrows or top off a summer day. The scoop on ice cream.



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