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Stephen Wolfram / Sharks

Only Available in Archive Formats.
Stephen Wolfram / Sharks

Stephen Wolfram / Sharks

Stephen Wolfram / Sharks

Only Available in Archive Formats.


Stephen Wolfram
* Founder and CEO, Wolfram Research
* Creator, Mathematica (computer program)
* Author, A New Kind of Science (Wolfram Media, 2002)
* Champaign, Illinois

George Burgess
* Director, International Shark Attack File and the Florida Program for Shark Research
* Florida Museum of Natural History
* University of Florida
* Gainesville, Florida

What if scientists have been looking at the world all wrong? Stephen Wolfram says that all complex phenomena, from genetic variation to the behavior of the stock market, can be explained with very simple rules. In this hour of Science Friday, guest host Joe Palca talks with Wolfram about his theories and his book, A New Kind of Science. Plus, we'll take a look at shark attacks.



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