Use of Airpower in War


William Arkin
* Senior Military Advisor to Human Rights Watch
* Columnist for The LA Times and The Washington Post Online

David Goodrich
* Professor of Operations, U.S.Naval War College, Providence, RI

Milan Vego
* Professor of Operation, Naval War College, Providence RI
* Author of the Article What Can We Learn from Enduring Freedom in the July edition, Proceedings (naval college magazine)

Fred Fiske
* Senior Commentator, WAMU, Washington, DC
* Former Fighter Pilot (fought in WWII)

Airpower has become the decisive element in U.S. military campaigns, but mistakes can happen. Earlier this month, U.S. airstrikes killed more that 40 Afghan civilians at a wedding party. How did airpower become an important strategy of war? And how much collateral damage is acceptable? Precision bombing as a tool of war on Talk of the Nation from NPR News.



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