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David Gates
* Senior writer, Newsweek magazine
* Author of the essay, Greed R.I.P. (For Now) in Newsweek July 29, 2002

David Farrugia
* Professor of Counseling and Human Services at Canisius College in Buffalo, New York.
* Author of the article Avarice, Greed and Counseling in Counseling and Values Magazine

Brian Mahan
* Teaches at Emory University's Candler School of Theology
* Author of Forgetting Ourselves on Purpose: Vocation and the Ethics of Ambition.

Rochelle Kainer
* Psycho-analytic psychologist
* Author of The Collapse of the Self: And it's Therpautic Restoration.

Diane Wakoski
* Poet in residence at Michigan State University
* Author of several books of poetry including The Butcher's Apron

Greed.....Some call it a sin, other say its human nature and when it's out of control it can bring down a corporation. How do you decide when enough is enough? The nature of greed.

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