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Harlem Revival

Only Available in Archive Formats.
Harlem Revival

Harlem Revival

Harlem Revival

Only Available in Archive Formats.


John Schriber
*Producer, Harlem Song

Lowery Stokes Sims
*Executive Director, Studio Museum in Harlem

Brian Keith Jackson
*Author, The Queen of Harlem(Doubleday, 2002)

Michael Henry Adams
*Harlem Historian and Resident
*Author, Harlem Lost and Found (Monticelli Press, 2002)

Michael Eberstat
*Owner, Bayou Restaurant

It's where Duke Ellington made everyone swing. It's where Langston Hughes started a renaissance. And after decades of decline, it's on the verge of a comeback. But will it still be the Harlem we remember? Take the A train with us to the new Harlem. Join Neal Conan for this hour's Talk of the Nation from NPR News.

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