Iraq After Saddam Hussein


Kate Seelye
*NPR's Correspondent in the Middle East

Phebe Marr
*Former Professor, National Defense University
*Author of the forthcoming book Modern History of Iraq (Westview Press, January 2003)

Kanan Makiya
*Professor of Modern Middle East Studies, Brandies University
*Author of several books including Republic of Fear: The Politics of Modern Iraq (Univ. of CA Press, 1995)

Bill Kristol
*Editor, The Weekly Standard

David Henderson
*Research Fellow, The Hoover Institution
*Professor of Economics, Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey CA

After a regime change - then what? President Bush says he's committed to a change of government in Iraq. But, who would succeed Saddam? And does the President have the political support to make it happen? The war of words over Iraq. Join Neal Conan on the next Talk of the Nation from NPR News.
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