Iraq and Weapons Inspections


Richard Allen
*Former, National Security Advisor during the first Reagan Administration (1984)

Leon Panetta
*Former chief of staff to President Clinton (1994-1997)
*Director, The Panetta Institute in Monterey, California

Rolf Ekeus
*Former Chairman Unscom (1991-97)
*Chairman, The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute

Ray Zalinskas
*Director, Chemical and Biological Weapons Non-proliferation Program, Monterey Institute of International Studies
*Former, Unscom Biological Weapons Inspector (1994)

Alexei Pushkov
*Board Member, Russian Council on Foreign and Defense Policies *Senior Advisor, The Nixon Center, Washington, D.C. (think tank)

Nick Spicer
*NPR Reporter in Paris, France

Saddam Hussein has decided to allow U.N. weapons inspectors back into Iraq to resume their hunt for weapons of mass destruction. in this hour of Talk of the Nation, join Neal Conan for reaction and analysis.



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