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Extra-Solar Planets

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Extra-Solar Planets

Extra-Solar Planets

Extra-Solar Planets

Only Available in Archive Formats.


Debra Fischer
* Post-doctoral Fellow, University of California Berkeley
* Berkeley, California

Michael Liu
* Beatrice Watson Parrent Fellow, Institute for Astronomy, University of Hawaii
* Honolulu, Hawaii

Charles Beichman
* Chief Scientist, Astronomy and Physics
* Project Scientist, Terrestrial Planet Finder
* NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory
* Pasadena, California

This week, astronomers announced the discovery of a Jupiter-sized planet one hundred light years away. It's the one-hundredth planet found outside of our solar system. In this hour, we'll hear the latest in the search for extra-solar planets. Plus, what scientists are doing to try to find smaller, Earth-like planets—and get a picture of these distant planets.



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