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Scientific Photography

Only Available in Archive Formats.
Scientific Photography

Scientific Photography

Scientific Photography

Only Available in Archive Formats.


Felice Frankel
* Author, Envisioning Science: The Design and Craft of the Science Image (MIT Press, 2002)
* Scientific Photographer
* Research Scientist
* Massachusetts Institute of Technology
* Cambridge, Massachusetts

David Malin
* Scientific Advisor and Contributor, Heaven and Earth: Unseen by the Naked Eye (Phaidon Press, 2002)
* Photographic Scientist-Astronomer
* Adjunct Professor of Scientific Photography at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology
* Sydney, Australia

Lee Shuett
* Executive Vice President, Nikon Instruments
* Melville, New York

From the very large to the very small—a distant galaxy or an individual atom—scientific photographers capture images that reveal the natural world. In this hour, we'll look at the intersection of art and science in scientific photos. Plus, Nikon recognizes the art in photomicrographs—photos taken through a light microscope.