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Political Dynasties

Only Available in Archive Formats.
Political Dynasties

Political Dynasties

Political Dynasties

Only Available in Archive Formats.


Stephen Hess
* Author, America's Political Dynasties (Transaction Publishers, 1997) and Organizing the President (Brookings, 2002)
* Senior Fellow, Brookings Institution

Scott Armey
* Son of House Majority Leader Dick Armey, who's retiring this year after 18 years in office
* Lost bid in April runoff in the GOP primary for his father's 26th Congressional District Seat
* Greater Southwest Regional Administrator, General Services Administration, Fortworth, TX

Marshall Frady
* Author, Martin Luther King, Jr. (Viking Press, 2002), Jesse Jackson : A Biography (Random House, 1996) and Wallace (Random House, 1996)

Matt Miller
* Syndicated Columnist and Political Commentator
* Co-host of public radio station KCRW's political program, Left, Right & Center, Santa Monica, CA

Political dynasties are America's form of royalty and in this fall's election, they're as prominent as ever. On Talk of the Nation, join Melinda Penkava for a look at what happens when politics is the family business.