StoryCorps Griot: Fighting for an Education This week's StoryCorps Griot highlights one man's fight to get a college education in the early 1940s.
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StoryCorps Griot: Fighting for an Education


In this week's feature from the StoryCorps Griot Initiative, we hear from Larry Young, who tells friend Clyde Cleveland about the struggles he faced while earning his college degree in the early 1940s.

Young, who grew up on a farm in Tennessee, says his father expected he would become a farmer. But Young had a different idea.

The StoryCorps Griot Initiative travels the country collecting the recollections of black Americans. Right now, the Story Corps Griot Booth is in Chicago; the next stop is Oakland, Calif.

On Tuesdays, News & Notes features one of these stories. To find out where the StoryGriot Initiative will be next, visit the StoryCorps website. To locate a StoryCorps recording booth, visit News & Notes' new blog, News & Views.

All the Griot recordings are archived at the Library of Congress. A copy of each interview will also go to the National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington.

Selly Thiam and Michael Garofalo produced this segment.