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What Drives You Crazy?

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Every one of us has something to say about being on the road. Sometimes it involves four-letter words, and many times it involves the actions of another driver: those who drive 70 miles an hour and leave just 10 feet between their car and your bumper, those who swerve into bicycle lanes, those who pressure you from behind when you're trying to parallel park, those who put on makeup or read the morning paper instead of paying attention.

As part of our upcoming series about the dangers of the road, we want to hear your gripes. Whether you're a driver, bicyclist or pedestrian, we want to hear what drives you crazy. We're looking for essays — no more than 250 words — of the biggest, ugliest complaint you have about being on the road.

Keep it clean. Make it fun. Tell a story. And just as important, include a solution, no matter how esoteric it may be.

E-mail your submissions to Please include your name and a phone number. We will pick the best and publish them on the week of Nov. 23.

NOTE: We are no longer taking submissions.