Letters: Coverage Of The Fort Hood Attacks

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Listeners react to coverage of the attacks at Fort Hood. Melissa Block and Michele Norris read from your e-mails.


Now, to your email.


And we received a lot of reaction to our coverage of the attack at Fort Hood.

BLOCK: The news of the incident was just developing as our program began last Thursday. Nina Anderson of Port Hueneme, California writes that she works for the Department of Defense and caught our coverage while stuck in traffic.

NORRIS: She writes: There was no speculation, only the facts as they became available. The program is always superb, but this one just meant so much to me as my heart sank.

BLOCK: We received several complaints as we turned to analyzing what may have motivated Major Nidal Hasan.

NORRIS: Trisha Jury(ph) of Lino Lakes, Minnesota wrote to tell us that she was disgusted by the suggestion that political or religious beliefs may have triggered the attack.

BLOCK: As she wrote us on Thursday evening: The truth is and the facts are that no one has any idea why this man committed this horrible act. And she went on, this is exactly the kind of thoughtless coverage that unnecessarily stirs the crazies from the woodwork.

NORRIS: We heard a different perspective from Mark Berg(ph) of Tucson, Arizona. Political correctness gone too far is what he called a reporters suggestion that Major Hasan was suffering from stress.

BLOCK: He writes: I, like President Obama, want to avoid a rush to judgment on the circumstances behind the Fort Hood shooting. However, there is more than enough evidence to suggest that the alleged shooter had religious intolerance as his motive.

NORRIS: Thanks for your letters. Keep them coming. You can write to us at npr.org.

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