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Letter To A Speed Demon

Erica Molitor

Erica Molitor is a 28-year-old Milwaukee resident who excels in both complaining and coloring contests. Courtesy of Erica Molitor hide caption

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We gave our listeners 250 words to tell us about their gripes with the road. We picked the eight best essays, and we unveil them one by one this week.

To my fellow morning commuter,

I have to be at work and sitting at my desk with my glasses on and mouse warm in hand by 8 a.m.

I understand the pressure of a late ringing alarm clock and I also push the pedal a little harder around 7:45 a.m. The most important part of my day is that I get to my desk on time and in one piece. I expect that this is also a mission very close to your heart, because you are so clearly willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen.

I am, however, not at all impressed with your Fast and Furious antics. Please stop angrily swerving around me, leaving 5 inches of safe cushion between us and a collision. Because no matter how far ahead you think you are getting, there is always a stoplight up ahead and I will most likely meet you there.

Are we really in a race to get to the red light? Is it really worth risking the cost of a potential accident to be the first person waiting for the light to turn green? No one is thinking, "Wow, look at that daredevil stud," as you whiz by me and suddenly swerve into my lane. Nope, instead I am thinking how self-centered you must be.

The next time you are the first to arrive at the red light and you sit there revving your engine so that you can get to the next stop before anyone else, remember the look I'm giving is not of admiration but of disdain.


The Woman Who Knows How To Drive

Erica Molitor is a 28-year-old Milwaukee resident who excels in both complaining and coloring contests.



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