NPR logo All the Wrong Moves, in a 'Backfire at the Disco'

All the Wrong Moves, in a 'Backfire at the Disco'

Backfire at the Disco

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Thursday's Pick

  • Song: "Backfire at the Disco"
  • Artist: The Wombats U.K.
  • CD: Kill the Director
  • Genre: Rock

The Wombats U.K.'s members demonstrate a firm grip on multi-part harmonies and bouncy choruses. hide caption

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Chronicling a disastrous date from singer Matthew Murphy's perspective, The Wombats U.K.'s "Backfire at the Disco" sets a scene in which a couple visits a dance club after a candle-lit dinner. But when Murphy stumbles on his words, the woman is furious — he insists that his sleazy comment about "her whorish dress" was "well out of context" — and all that's left is the imprint of her palm against his face.

Demonstrating the band's firm grip on multi-part harmonies and bouncy choruses, "Backfire at the Disco" represents everything that can go right with melodic guitar pop, as Murphy's complains, "She slapped me at the disco" while bandmates make light of his plight in the background. Murphy never actually spells out the content of his rude remark, leaving his transgressions in the imagination of the listener. In the process, going home alone has never sounded like so much fun.

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