Nouns In Famous People's Names

On-Air Challenge

Every answer is the name of a famous person. The person's last name is a plural noun that is part of a category. The clues are the person's first name and the category of the last name. The player gives the full name of the person. For example, if the clues are "Britney" and "weapons," the answer is "Britney Spears," because spears are weapons.

Last Week's Challenge

Think of three six-letter words starting with B, G and F. The last five letters of the words are the same and in the same order, yet none of the words rhymes with any of the others. What words are these?

ANSWER: bather, gather, father

WINNER: Dallas Lea of Poughkeepsie, N.Y.

Next Week's Challenge

It comes from our old pal Merl Reagle, whose Sunday crosswords appear in the Washington Post, Los Angeles Times and many other newspapers. Take the letters in "PLEASANTLY," plus the letter I. Rearrange these 11 letters to name a well-known place. What is it?

Submit Your Answer

If you know the answer to next week's challenge, submit it here. Listeners who submit correct answers win a chance to play the on-air puzzle. Important: Include a phone number where we can reach you Thursday at 3 p.m. Eastern.



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