A Trip to the ALPs

In the on-air puzzle, we go to the ALPS. Every answer is a familiar two-word phase, with the consecutive letters "A-L-P." In particular, the first word ends in "A-L" and the second word starts with "P." If the clue is "I, you or we," the answer would be "personal pronoun."

Challenge from Last Week: From Dan Katz of the National Puzzlers League. Take the two word name of a well-known city in Michigan (but NOT Ann Arbor). Add the letter "E" to the first world, and rearrange the letters. You'll name something people try to avoid. Add the letter "E" to the second world and rearrange the letters. You'll name something else people try to avoid. Hint: Both words start with the same letter and both words end with the same letter. What's the city and what are the words?

Answer: Grand Rapids becomes "Danger" and "Despair."

Winner: Steele Hinton of Flemingsburg, Kentucky.

This Week's Challenge: From listener Alan Hochbaum of Atlanta, Georgia: Think of an adjective that would describe a fox. Remove all the letters in the even positions — second, fourth, sixth, etc. The remaining letters, in order, will answer this clue: Fox's natural rival... what is it?



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