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Voices Heard Above The Earthquake's Roar

Quotes prompted by Haiti's earthquake, compiled from NPR coverage and wire service reports

"Haiti is dead, is dead, is dead, is dead, is dead. Everything is breaking down." Philippe Mercier, Port-au-Prince

"I'm trying to get people patched up, rescued, and limbs preserved as rapidly as I can." Richard Villar, a British orthopedic surgeon

"You start to see it about 20 miles out from the capital. It gets more and more intense the closer you get to the center of the city." NPR's Jason Beaubien, on the destruction he saw while driving to Port-au-Prince from the Dominican Republic

"Haiti's already one of the most food-insecure countries in the world, so people are going to start starving over the next week." Dr. Dan Fitzgerald of Weill-Cornell Medical College

"This is much worse than a hurricane. There's no water. There's nothing. Thirsty people are going to die." Jimitre Coquillon, a doctor's assistant in Port-au-Prince

"You will not be forsaken." President Obama, in a message to the Haitian people

"You have, as rescuers, a close bond with the victims. It's tough to leave a person once you make initial contact with them." Jack Wise, chief of the disaster preparedness section of the Los Angeles Fire Department

"It's quite amazing to go in through the dark and see somebody's hand poke out. That's always a strange sight to see." Sam Gray, a firefighter from Fairfax County, Va.

"It was amazing the strength the people were gathering together to rebuild what they had lost. And we [are] just wondering right now how much strength is left in the spirit of the Haitians that are in Haiti right now. Because it has been just too much." Lucie Tondreau, a community activist from Miami who worked on relief efforts after four hurricanes hit Haiti in 2008

"Everybody is ready to go. Our bags have long since been packed. And we want to hit the road and go to where ... we can deliver medical care." Nurse Wendy Nesheim, acting commander of a disaster-assistance team from Georgia that is waiting for the chance to fly to Haiti.