Ohio Man Builds 'Man Cave' Out Of Snow

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Like a lot of us lately, Jimmy Grey Jr. of Chardon, Ohio, has been shoveling a lot of snow. But no one can claim to be as productive as Grey, who's built a four-room igloo "man cave" for his buddies to hang out and watch the Cleveland Cavaliers play ball on a flat screen TV embedded in the snow.


From Wyoming to Ohio, times are tough all over.

Mr. JIMMY GREY, JR.: I've been unemployed since May 8th of last year.

SIMON: That's Jimmy Grey Jr. in Chardon, Ohio. And with the snow piled across the country it can get pretty bleak out there.

Mr. GREY: (Unintelligible) shovel driveways, then shovel our yard, and before you knew it, just decided that I was going to build an igloo.

SIMON: You heard him, an igloo, which he also calls a man cave - a place where guys can go to be guys.

Mr. GREY: The man cave is 25 foot by 25 foot by seven foot tall. I started digging that out to make a patio area, and that is where the fire pit goes.

SIMON: There are four rooms in the igloo; a flat screen TV is set in the den with a long electric cord running out to - I wish I could tell you we were making this up - his parent's house.

Mr. GREY: You know, we watch the Cavs games in there. We, you know, go out there at about 6:30 - Cav games usually start about 7:00, 7:30. Have a couple beers and no worries there. The beers will never go warm in there.

SIMON: But will LeBron James stay in Cleveland? The looming weather might turn Jimmy Grey's man cave into a man mansion.

Mr. GREY: We're supposed to get a really bad snowstorm here on Tuesday, so it'll, you know, it'll be all right.

SIMON: That's Jimmy Grey Jr. in Chardon, Ohio.

(Soundbite of song, "Get Down On It")

KOOL AND THE GANG (Band): (Singing) ...by standing on the wall. Get your back up off the wall. Tell me. How you gonna do it if you really dont want to dance by standing on the wall? Get your back up off the wall. 'Cause I heard all the people saying, get down on it. Come on and, get down on it. If you really want it. Get down on it.

SIMON: But go, Cavs.

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