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Tracking Our Toxic Asset

Planet Money is committed to following the financial crisis to the bitter end. And what better way to do that than to own a piece of it. We bought one of those things that no one wanted, one of those things that almost brought down the global economy: our very own toxic asset. This one had more than 2,000 mortgages in it. After months of foreclosures, home sales and loan modifications our toxic asset died in September 2010. We paid $1,000 of our own money for our piece of it and ended up losing over half. Click on the timeline and roll over the states to watch the disaster unfold.


<em>- <strong>Current:</strong> Happy, healthy mortgages. Payments are up to date.<br />- <strong>Delinquent:</strong> Mortgages that are more than 30 days overdue.<br />- <strong>Foreclosures:</strong> Enough said.<br />- <strong>REO:</strong> Real Estate Owned. Home has been taken over, but not sold.</em><em>- <strong>Bankruptcy:</strong> Homeowner has declared bankruptcy. Mortgage is tied up in court.<br />- <strong>Liquidated:</strong> After foreclosure, home sold. Usually at a big loss.<br />- <strong>Paid off:</strong> Homeowner has paid off the mortgage. Usually as part of a refinancing.<br />- <strong>Troubled:</strong> Includes delinquent mortgages, bankruptcies, foreclosures, liquidations and REOs.</em>