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Massey Energy's Other High-Injury Mines

Massey Energy Co., which owns the West Virginia coal mine where 29 miners died last week, had 10 coal mines where injury rates topped the national rate last year. Four of the mines — in Tazewell County, Va.; Raleigh County, W.Va.; and Pike County, Ky. — had rates that were more than twice the national rate. The national rate for nonfatal injuries in underground coal mines last year was 4.03 injuries per 200,000 worker hours. Following are injury rates for 35 Massey facilities identified by federal regulators as active, coal-producing underground mines.

Mine Operator Injury rate County State
Tiller No 1 Knox Creek Coal Corporation 9.78 Tazewell VA
Slip Ridge Cedar Grove Mine Marfork Coal Co. Inc. 9.18 Raleigh WV
No 1 M 3 Energy Mining Co. 8.86 Pike KY
Mine #1 Solid Energy Mining Co. 8.49 Pike KY
Pocahontas Mine White Buck Coal Co. 7.49 Greenbrier WV
Allegiance Mine Independence Coal Co. Inc. 6.69 Boone WV
Grassy Creek No 1 White Buck Coal Co. 6.39 Nicholas WV
Upper Big Branch Mine-South Performance Coal Co. 5.81 Raleigh WV
Mammoth #2 Gas Mammoth Coal Co. 4.87 Kanawha WV
Marsh Fork Mine Marfork Coal Co. Inc. 4.49 Raleigh WV
National rate: 4.03 injuries per 200,000 worker hours.
Mine #1 Rockhouse Energy Mining Co. 3.92 Pike KY
Ruby Energy Spartan Mining Co. Inc. 3.87 Mingo WV
Black Knight II Elk Run Coal Co. Inc. 3.71 Boone WV
White Cabin #7 Martin County Coal 3.39 Martin KY
Voyager #7 Martin County Coal 3.37 Martin KY
Parker Peerless Mine Marfork Coal Co. Inc. 3.34 Raleigh WV
Mine #1 Freedom Energy Mining Co. 2.26 Pike KY
Taylor Fork Energy Sidney Coal Co. Inc. 2.23 Pike KY
Love Branch South Road Fork Development Co. Inc. 2.1 Pike KY
Black King I North Portal Elk Run Coal Co. Inc. 1.88 Boone WV
Seng Creek Powellton Elk Run Coal Co. Inc. 1.83 Boone WV
Mine #1 Clean Energy Mining Co. 1.79 Pike KY
Laurel Coalburg Tunnel Mine Mammoth Coal Co. 1.78 Kanawha WV
N0. 1 Process Energy 1.67 Pike KY
Justice #1 Independence Coal Co. Inc. 1.28 Boone WV
Slabcamp Mammoth Coal Co. 1.03 Kanawha WV
Horse Creek Eagle Marfork Coal Co. 0.92 Raleigh WV
Brushy Eagle Marfork Coal Co. Inc. 0.82 Raleigh WV
Aracoma Alma Mine #1 Aracoma Coal Co. Inc. 0.61 Logan WV
Triumph Mine Coalgood Energy Co. 0 Harlan KY
Road Fork #51 Mine Spartan Mining Co. 0 Wyoming WV
Diamond Energy Spartan Mining Co. Inc. 0 Logan WV
Jerry Fork Eagle Alex Energy Inc. 0 Nicholas WV
Allen Powellton Mine Marfork Coal Co. 0 Raleigh WV
Roundbottom Powellton Deep Mine Elk Run Coal Co. Inc. 0 Boone WV

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