Cultural context gives science much of its meaning and importance. So we write a lot about the interplay between science and culture. Hey, its in our name.

A mentor can help bridge the gulf between having an interest in a subject and actually pursuing that interest through action. Above, a boy gazes up at an image of Albert Einstein on a wall in Tunis, Tunisia.
While traders may still roam the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, there's unseen action taking place every millisecond via fiber optic cables connecting computers run by trading firms and computers run by the Exchange.

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Jane Goodall holds a baby Cebus capucinus monkey during a 2013 visit to a primate rescue center in Chile.
Polar bears are a great example of natural selection and evolution. But how did this ball get rolling?
Just because you can get your body or your mind in shape doesn't mean you will actually do the hard work necessary to succeed. Inertia is powerful thing.