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'Sex And The City' Means Girls Night Out

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'Sex And The City' Means Girls Night Out


'Sex And The City' Means Girls Night Out

'Sex And The City' Means Girls Night Out

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This holiday weekend, the hottest movie ticket is expected to be for Sex And The City 2. Many women have paid for special party packages that celebrate the movie's opening.


This weekend, one of the hottest movie tickets is going to be for "Sex and the City 2." That's the sequel to the movie that itself came out of the popular TV series. Many fans are splurging on pricey party packages that celebrate the movie's opening.

NPR's Karen Grigsby Bates reports.

KAREN GRIGSBY BATES: If you see groups of women striding down the street this weekend, stilettos clicking, lips glossed, earrings swinging into the local movie house, you can bet they are not there to see "Iron Man 2" or "MacGruber."

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BATES: Of course, they aren't. They're all going to see "Sex and the City 2," the brand new feature that has Carrie Bradshaw and her best friends Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte flaunting their fabulous finery and flying off some place amazing.

(Soundbite of movie, "Sex and the City 2")

Ms. KIM CATTRALL (Actress): (as Samantha Jones) One week in Abu Dhabi, all expenses paid for all four of us.

Ms. SARAH JESSICA PARKER (Actress): (as Carrie Bradshaw) Get out of town.

Ms. CATTRALL: (as Samantha Jones) My point exactly. I can hear the decadence calling.

BATES: Theaters figure Carrie and her buds won't be the only ones wanting to hang out together, so a number of them are offering the movie as part of a girl's night out.

Chad Brice manages the Hollywood branch of the Arclight Cinemas and says this is their party package.

Ms. CHAD BRICE (Manager, Hollywood Branch, Arclight Cinemas): One ticket for the movie and an hour-and-a-half free party, two specialty cocktails, and we've got some really great specialty drinks all worked out. There's appetizers prepared by our in-house chef.

BATES: Evening with the girls at Arclight: $70. Female bonding: priceless.

Patrons who want to see the movie at the swanky Gold Class Cinema in Pasadena can pay $79, $59 on week nights, and they'll kick back in cushy recliners while stewards bring them Flirtinis and chin-wah chicken salad rolls. And if you think nobody's buying anything in this recession, all party packages for the first weekend have sold out.

(Soundbite of "Sex and the City 2")

Ms. MARLEY MAJCHER (Owner, The Party Goddess) Can imagine, like, there's cocktails, there's booze, they're all excited from the movie, chick book clubs get wild. It's this - 400 women, all for the same thing. I mean, it's just going to be great.

BATES: That's Marley Majcher, owner of The Party Goddess, an event planning company in Los Angeles. She's partnered with Nicole Matthews of the San Diego-based Henley Company to produce a private party and screening in Santa Monica on Friday night. Initially, Majcher wondered whether she'd sell out.

Ms. MAJCHER: First, it would be like a couple of people would buy tickets. But now, what's happening is they're signing on and they're buying four or six.

BATES: And at $65 per ticket, they're almost all gone. This party is at the landmark Shangri-La Hotel. And in addition to the movie, drinks and finger food, it includes manicures, messages and a line of faux paparazzi so you can walk the pink carpet like Sarah Jessica Parker.

Majcher says doing it in a group is part of the fun.

Ms. MAJCHER: I think there's the whole camaraderie thing of women that's just great. And we're all busy and we're emailing and texting, and nobody's actually seeing each other face-to-face. You know, you're going to see your friends.

BATES: Arclight Cinema's Chad Brice says advance sales for the movie have been brisk, and the theater will do what it has to to accommodate demand.

Mr. BRICE: We've been kind of adding shows as shows are selling out. There's a show starting about every 45 minutes.

BATES: So to the sound of Cosmos splashing into martini glasses, add the lovely sound of profits piling up - which, of course, means there will likely be a "Sex and the City 3" at some point.

Karen Grigsby Bates, NPR News.

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