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National Renewable Energy Goals And Progress

Renewable energy installations in the U.S. nearly tripled between 2000 and 2008, driven in large part by the clean energy goals that states are setting. The first map shows how states are planning on putting more clean power on the grid, and the second map shows what percentage of a state's total electricity currently came from renewable sources in 2009, excluding hydro power.


<br /><strong>State Goals Map:</strong><br /><strong>Renewable Portfolio Standards</strong> are mandatory regulations requiring utilities to procure renewable electricity from sources like solar, wind, geothermal, biomass and in some cases hydro power. <strong>Alternative Energy Standards</strong> include a broader range of energy sources, such as advanced nuclear, coal with carbon sequestration technology, or waste coal.<br /><br /> <strong>Current Renewable Generation Map:</strong><br />This map shows each state's renewable energy generation in-state as a percentage of the state's overall power generation for 2009. Many states import power from other states, which counts towards their renewable energy goals. Some states consider large-scale hydro power to be a renewable energy source, while others don't.