NPR logo First Listen: Bostich And Fussible, 'Bulevar 2000'

First Listen: Bostich And Fussible, 'Bulevar 2000'

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Bostich & Fussible
courtesy of artist

Bostich and Fussible is part of the acclaimed Nortec Collective, whose name stems from the words "Norteño" and "Tecno." On the group's new album, Bulevar 2000, Bostitch and Fussible puts a heavy emphasis on the "tec" in Nortec, without losing its "Norteño" twang. The result is a hypnotic album that takes listeners back and forth between a Parisian lounge and a fast drive down Tijuana's Avenida Revolución.

The rushed beats coupled with the typical Norteño accordions give the music a distinct tango feel, reminiscent of Gotan Project, another band that fuses the traditional (tango) with techno. Take "I Count the Ways," the album's first single, featuring Kylee Swenson of the San Francisco electronica-pop group Loquat. The violin crescendos and Swenson's smooth vocals gives it a delicious disco sound, while a bed of accordions gives it that tango feel. But Bostich and Fussible keeps its border sound present with the constant burping of the trumpets.

Bulevar 2000 will stream here in its entirety until Sept. 14. Please leave your thoughts on the album in the comments section below.