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Rahm Emanuel: Mayor Of [Expletive] Chicago

Rahm Emanuel

White House Chief Of Staff Rahm Emanuel has hinted at his interest in running for mayor of Chicago. Olivier Douliery/Pool/Getty Images hide caption

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Writer Dennis O'Toole imagines life in Chicago with current White House chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel as Mayor. Emanuel has hinted that he might run for Mayor of Chicago, a move that the President Obama has said he would support.

Why the [expletive] would you pick Vegas for a [expletive] convention? Any organization that chooses Vegas over Chicago is a [extended series of expletives], and you can quote me.

* * *

... And I will close with a message to the kids on this first day of school: Remember, reading is not just real [expletive] important; it's lots of [expletive] fun too. I mean, take me. I'm up to my ass in books. I'd read all [creative expletive] day if I could.

* * *

What the [expletive] was that? Get Streets and Sanitation on the horn, now! Commissioner Byrne, it's me. Yeah, yeah, yeah, cut the [expletive]. Look, I'm on Roosevelt Road heading east. My driver just ran over the biggest [expletive] pothole you've ever [expletive] seen. Take care of it yesterday or I'll [expletive] bury you in it tomorrow.

* * *

Wow, the Dalai [expletive] Lama. It's an honor to meet you, your holiness. I've read The Art of Happiness 50 [expletive] times. It's why I'm so [expletive] at peace with day-to-day bulls- - -.

* * *

That was so [expletive] embarrassing! Next time I go to a [expletive] ribbon-cutting, I want huge [expletive] novelty scissors, not office scissors. Oh, and a sash. I want a big-ass sash that says The Mother[expletive] Mayor.

* * *

Some of America's finest writers have called Chicago Home. Gwendolyn [expletive] Brooks, Saul [expletive] Bellow and Carl [extended series of expletives] Sandburg were but a few of our most [expletive] august scribes.

Dennis O'Toole

You can read more essays by Dennis O'Toole at Peggy Lavelle hide caption

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* * *

What part of "No more [obscure expletive] questions" don't you people understand? Here, this finger may be missing, but this one still works. Can't hear it? Well then, I'll turn it up.

* * *

Parks are the most important [expletive] resource we got. Do you know what Chicago's motto is? Urbs in horto. That's [expletive] Latin. It means, City in a mother[expletive] garden.

* * *

Is it [expletive] snowing again? Get God on the line. I want to give that guy a piece of my [expletive] mind.



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