Week In Politics: Colbert Testifies On Migrant Workers

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Guest host David Greene talks about the week's political news with Reihan Salam, a conservative blogger at National Review Online and economic adviser at Economics 21, and Karen Finney, a liberal commentator on MSNBC.


Let me ask our guests. I mean we're dealing with serious topics here, migrant workers. Is this a good thing to have some levity on Capitol Hill, Karen Finney?

Ms. KAREN FINNEY (Political Consultant): You know, I have to say I was cringing as I was watching it. I dont think so, because unfortunately I dont think this levity actually furthered the cause. It's one thing, you know, you had that one moment in there where he was something serious, and I think that was actually meaningful. But levity in this kind of situation only works if it's actually helping to point out the irony and sort of move the cause the along. I dont quite think we got there because, again, Stephen Colbert, such a sideshow.

GREENE: And we have seen TV stars, movie stars come out to Capitol Hill and move issues along in certain ways.

Reihan Salam, what do you think?

Mr. REIHAN SALAM (Blogger, National Review Online): I think regardless of political coloration, I just think smugness doesnt really work in this context very well. And thats Stephen's shtick and I think he's a genius at it. But just, I agree with Karen, it just didnt hit the right note.

GREENE: But not bad to have a little fun. I mean (unintelligible) into an election year, right?

Mr. SALAM: It depends on what you think of as fun. I mean I kind of like, you know, shooting pistols in the are and, you know, drinking Hi-C. So, you know.

(Soundbite of laughter)

GREENE: Good to know. Good to know.

(Soundbite of laughter)

GREENE: Good to know.

Ms. FINNEY: Wow.

GREENE: Glad we had that.

(Soundbite of laughter)

GREENE: Well, Reihan Salam, you get to that this weekend. You are a blogger with the National Review, joining us from New York, and Karen Finney, political consultant, former communications director for the Democratic National committee. Thank you, both of us, for the conversation today.

Mr. SALAM: Thank you.

Ms. FINNEY: Thank you.

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