Low-Wage America: Marzs Mata

Long Commute to Customer Service Job in Suburban Detroit

Marzs Mata

Marzs Mata waits for the third and final bus of her three-hour commute home from her job in the suburbs to downtown Detroit. Noah Adams, NPR hide caption

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NPR's Noah Adams reports from Detroit, Mich., the last stop on a driving trip north on I-75 that began two weeks earlier in Knoxville, Tenn.

Adams talks with Marzs Mata, who works for ComCast customer service in a Detroit suburb, commuting by bus from the southwest part of downtown.

Adams goes along for her bus ride home — a three-bus, almost three-hour ordeal. Mata doesn't have a car, can't afford to live near her job, and spends about five hours a day getting to and from work.