One Year Behind Bars For Man Who Threatened Sen. Patty Murray


A Yakima County man who left a series of threatening phone messages for Senator Patty Murray has been sentenced to a year in jail. The man's vulgar tirades and death threats came during the hyper-charged health care overhaul debate early this year.

Sixty-four year old Charles Wilson of Selah, Washington apologized to the court and to Democratic Senator Patty Murray at his sentencing. Earlier he told investigators he had no intention of ever carrying out his threats to kill the U.S. Senator. Wilson's attorney asked for probation, but the federal judge went with the government's recommendation of a year and day behind bars.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Todd Greenberg says he asked for prison time to deter others.

Todd Greenberg: "Whereas Mr. Wilson may never do this again, it's still important to send that message to the community not to engage in behavior like this to protect our public officials."

Charles Wilson was arrested in April after FBI agents traced the threatening phone calls to his house. Wilson had tried to use caller ID blocking, but with a subpoena investigators got around that.

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