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Signs We Saw At The Sanity/Fear Rally

Signs from the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear
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Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert weren't the only funny ones at The Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear on the National Mall Saturday. Here are some of the signs we spotted throughout the day.

God Hates Snuggies

I Was Told There'd Be Cookies.

We Have Nothing To Fear But Fear Itself, And Spiders.

Kitlers Against Hitler Analogies

Government Doesn't Suck

Real Patriots Drink Whiskey

Don't Tread On Anyone

That's No Moon

Hyperbole Or Instant Death

Slogans Are Crap

I Stand 4 Good Posture

I'm A Veteran. I'm An American. I Am Muslim.

I Support The Right To Arm Bears

Calm The F*** Down America

Fear Is Illogical

Just Stop Bickering And Clean This Mess Up


Going Out Of Business Everything 70-80 Percent Off

I Am Moderately Excited For This

Stand On The Right, Walk On The Left

You Don't Have To Be Nice, Just Don't Be Mean

Libraries Are Socialist

Lorem Ipsum Dolor Sit Amet

I thought Neil Young was going to be playing

1 Percent Sane, 98 Percent American, You Do The Math!

Olivia Munn Fan (No ...  Really ...)

Fear Gives Me A Boehner

My Wife Is A Muslim And Not A Terrorist, But I'm Scared Of Her Anyway



Festivas For The Rest Of Us

I Heart Beck's Album Mellow Gold

It Was His Best In My Opinion

Senate Math 41 > 59

Yelling Rarely Works ... I Know, I'm A Mom!

Don't Stomp On My Head, Bro