NPR logo State Legislature's 'Oregon Channel' To Cease Operations


State Legislature's 'Oregon Channel' To Cease Operations

State Legislature's 'Oregon Channel' To Cease Operations

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SALEM, Ore. - Oregon's version of C-SPAN will dissolve into static later this year. But it's not a victim of budget cuts. It's a victim of low viewership.


The Oregon Channel calls itself a front row seat to state government and public affairs events.

Announcer on TV: "You're watching the Oregon Channel."

The problem is, most of you weren't watching the Oregon Channel. So, officials are pulling the plug at the end of the upcoming legislative session. The channel was launched in 2007 but Legislative Administrator Scott Burgess says few cable systems ever carried it:

Scott Burgess: "The availability or the broadcasting around the state is not very high. It's like 12 percent are carrying it, so we're trying to invest more in the website rather than through that."

Video of all legislative hearings and floor sessions is streamed live on the legislature's website,, so political junkies can still get their fix.

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